Trauerkarte (Abschiedskarte) von [PHX]Cbrs*
Ich habe die Trauerkarte von den Eltern unseres verstorbenen Freundes [PHX]Cbrs* bekommen. Ich habe sie für euch eingescannt und die Übersetzung kommt von seinen Eltern und ist in English damit jeder es lesen kann. Sie ist wieder nach seinen Wünschen gestaltet worden.




Our great friend is no more

Bart Munnich

After knowing him for 28 years we will be missing a lot of things about him, like:

His very dry sense of humor: he didn't talk a lot, but what he said was often very to the point.

His determination to achieve a set goal. He made his drivers license. He finished secondary school and his vocational education: Multi Media Designer. He was very proud on graduating in this business.

His fight against his disease up and until the last moment. Even when he could do less and less, he continued in a positive mind. Even sitting in a wheelchair he said: Why sad? I don't have to walk now, I don't get tired and still can get somewhere. During all the surgical operations, tests and dialysis he always approached the nurses and doctors in a friendly way, and accepted the situation as a part of his life.

His attention, like a little hug, a compliment or a kind word. Every day he thanked for the help he received, for instance during dialysis.

His concern about his family whether everything went OK. Or whether granddad Theo was driving his scoot mobile careful enough. Granddad Theo, when leaving always said: all the best to you. He was not able to visit him often anymore, but was concerned a lot.
The day that he could be the driver at the wedding of Ingrid and Mike was a highlight in his life.

When it was still possible he liked the Saturday shopping trip with dad very much. Especially the 2 frikandellen for just 1 euro. He liked to challenge his dad in shooting the airgun. The secret moments together with Kim after she got home after work at night while Bart was supposed to be asleep. Talk together for a while. Kim says: Thank you awesome brother being able to share these nice and intense moments with you.

His huge interest in computer games. Bart was part of an international group of gamers during 10 years and they met once a year in Germany to talk about gaming and of course play together as much as possible. There he had his real friends that were always very interested in him.
Often Bart played with Mike his brother (in law). Together they had a lot of fun.
About those times Mike reflects: Is there a continue? That was your question when you would not be here anymore. For you it's the next level you will be meeting, and in that case it will be game on instead of game over. I hope that you will be overseeing things, relaxed with some Friks and a Golden Power, sitting in a comfortable seat. Rest in peace sweet brother.

We will miss you terribly big friend
It has been well.

Karin and Peter
Ingrid and Mike
Kim and Aaron
Granddad Theo

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