Dienstag 16. 04. 2013
[PHX]cnob hat Geburtstag
von [PHX]Big_Deal

Wir wünschen [PHX]cnob ALLES GUTE ZUM GEBURTSTAG! Wir wissen du haust gern rein, mach es einfach und auf der LAN holen wir es gemeinsam nach.
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Mittwoch 10. 04. 2013
Unreal franchise
von [PHX]Big_Deal

Nice talk from Sly:

while I respect your opinion, you also have to consider that it could just be that experience in *random UT game* is useful for any game of the franchise because they're all alike, the core gameplay never really changed (the biggest change was from UT99->UT2003/4 which introduced the adrenaline combo system and dodgejump such as walldodges and some new or modified weapons).
A new UT (in that case UT3) attracted newcomers, that's in the nature of games that are brand new on the market. Those newcomers played on the same servers as those who know the older titles and already have certain background knowledge, teamplay and skill. Knowing one UT title means an easier entry into a new one, the masses of newcomers (and thus the high probability to get on a server with such) could have made it seem like UT3 was way too easy.
What you have been portraying is basically what die-hard UT99 fans thought of UT2004. "It was too easy, too much space, hitscan fest, no skill required, etc." and so they left the game after a week or two.

Never forget to view the story from another perspective. A medal has more than one side. One would have to simplify this metaphor in UT's case (as there is more than just two gamer-perspectives), which would be to compare one side with the average newcomer's view on the game and the other side of the medal would represent experienced UT players - both viewed the game entirely differently.

There were many factors that influenced the perception of UT3. The trend to release things on as many platforms as possible could have been one of it as that lead to certain issues in the game (like the bad GUI of the menu in the early days), the bankruptcy of Midway could have been another. As Midway was UT3's publisher and went bankrupt shortly after, it's not unlikely they pushed the developers to finish it as fast as possible. The result of that most likely was the removal of certain features of the game, content and the lack of some polish.
Personally, the situation reminds me of Unreal II: The Awakening as the game was cut down to half of its size before release, it was not as well perceived as Unreal 1 and its expansion pack Return to Na Pali. Maybe this is why we never got to see Unreal 3 until these days, let's just hope that the UT games won't have the same fate.

It was an unfortunate case that UT3 was not as well received as UT99 and UT2004, but that cannot be changed anymore. One thing has to be said though: To expect another brand new UT, the franchise (and most importantly the most recent game) would need more attention. Currently, the contrary is the case, people lose interest in our beloved franchise.
It doesn't make sense to spend money on the development of a game that won't get any attention and barely any profit, don't forget that Epic is a business after all.
UT3 might have been badly received by fans of the older games, but it was certainly not that big of a flop, its sales were okay as far as I know.
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Samstag 06. 04. 2013

Ois guade, alter Kamerad! Wir hoffen du feierst schön und lässt dich reich beschenken. Ehkloar ...

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Mittwoch 27. 03. 2013

We now run our private live Battlefield 3 Server Stats. You will find it in the left Navigation under Server. I hope you like it.

See you on the Battlefield!
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Sonntag 10. 03. 2013

Wir wünschen unserem Wolfgang alles Gute zum Geburtstag, viel Glück und Gesundheit. Bleib so wie du bist, lass dich von den jungen Bürschle nicht so viel ärgern und von deiner Frau verwöhnen. :birthday::bguin:
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Mittwoch 27. 02. 2013

SONY have announced the PlayStation 4 is coming this Christmas - but gamers have been left guessing how much the device will cost, or even what it will look like....

But while gamers have not even been allowed to see what the new console will look like yet, there has been plenty of information about upcoming titles.

Unreal Tournament 4 provides some low-IQ slaughter, while intriguing puzzler Knack is clearly one Sony are keen to push.

Können wir hoffen und meine Vermutung wird wahr?

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Dienstag 26. 02. 2013
[PHX]KamiKatze hat Geburtstag
von [PHX]Big_Deal

Wir wünschen [PHX]KamiKatze ALLES GUTE ZUM GEBURTSTAG! Wir hoffen es geht dir gut und du wirst reich beschenkt ;)
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Mittwoch 06. 02. 2013

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Montag 04. 02. 2013
[PHX]OrCh1d hat Geburtstag
von [PHX]Big_Deal

Wir wünschen [PHX]OrCh1d Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Ich hoffe dein Mann und deine Kinder bereiten dir heute einen schönen Tag. Bleib gesund und feier schön!
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Sonntag 20. 01. 2013

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