[PHX]BigDeal hat Geburtstag
It's our clan-daddy's birthday - hooray!

Thank you for beeing and staying the person I got to know about 10 years ago(holy s***!), for never letting go of this project called the [PHX]-clan, keep on believing even in your laziest clan members and forum noobs, and most of a all staying a passionate gamer for decades and a good friend to all of us.

Have a good one [PHX]"Biggy" you truly deserve it!

We love you all my friend! :sex:


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Kommentare für [PHX]BigDeal hat Geburtstag
# 4 von [PHX]Satan
Alles Gute nachträglich!! ( . Y . )

# 3 von [PHX]Big_Deal
Thx for the nice words :)

# 2 von [PHX]MaX.2
Happy birthday mein Lieber :-)

# 1 von [PHX]r3mu
Herzlichen Glückwunsch, geiles Bürschle!

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