Montag 04. 04. 2011
ESL 2on2 BTA Ladder
von [PHX]Big_Deal

ESL will make the UT3 2on2 BTA Ladder without Dodge Jump. I want know what YOU think about. Please vote at our Poll. I want see what the Players think about "BTA" without Dodge Jump.

If you have not sign up at ESL for the BTA 2on2 Ladder, you can do it here:

The ESL UT3 2on2 BTA Ladder will played now with Dodge Jump!
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Freitag 01. 04. 2011

Unbelievable but true: Cliff Bleszinski and Tim Sweeney are talking about UT 4 in a first short Interview on IGN.

They've allready started programming the new engine and give some first facts about the new dreamshooter:
Awesome, neverseen Grafix - more focus on DM, TDM and BTA and a totally new ranking system.

More facts will come in a short while. Oh man, i cant wait!

Source: IGN
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Mittwoch 30. 03. 2011
ESL opens 2on2 BTA Ladder
von [PHX]Big_Deal

ESL have open a 2on2 BTA Ladder. I hope all Players out there sign up, so we can have a lot of fun.

ESL BTA 2on2 Ladder
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Donnerstag 24. 03. 2011

Montag 21. 03. 2011

The Poll "Should we disable the BFA (Battle Freezetag Arena) voting on Server1?" is still running, but i have disabled the BFA voting already for test. We like to know your Feedback in the Poll if we should run BTA and BFA or only BTA on Server 1.
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Samstag 19. 03. 2011
Poll from Bulletstorm
von [PHX]Big_Deal

Our last Poll was from Bulletstorm and what the Players think about the Game. The result is, that the most think that Bulletstorm have to less multiplayer game modes and maps. It have a great Single player part, but on mutliplayer we want play against Humans.
Lets hope that Duke will give us a lot of fun in "Capture the babe"!
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Donnerstag 17. 03. 2011

What do you think about a 2on2 ladder on ESL? If a Clan want join or play the ladder he should visit and make a comment at ESL!
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Donnerstag 10. 03. 2011

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Höchst erhöchlichst erhebet die Gläser!
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Samstag 26. 02. 2011
[PHX]KamiKatze have Birthday
von [PHX]Big_Deal

Kami we wish you a Happy Birthday! Have a nice day with your family and boyfriend. Cu on the Battlefield^^
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Samstag 19. 02. 2011

Belated happy birthday CB! Best wishes and we hope you had a nice day! :birthday:

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