Overview Of The Open Tournament Project
Who are the guys and what is the Goal of that great Community?

Who We Are
We are ambitious UT fans from all around the world who want to bring the classical UT gameplay updated in the community's interest to the newest technology in UE4.
We started this open and uncommercial game project - it is by the community for the community. The game is going to be free (gratis) and we will release our own game code & content aswell.
Everybody outside and within the project team is welcomed to give his or her voice to its realisation, the only hard settled goal is authentic and updated UT gameplay in modern grafics!

The Goals
  • A Useful Base. The game is intended to be a useful free base FPS game for the whole Unreal community to develop whole UT functionality or total own projects upon.
  • A Start For Continuation. We hope to launch an endlessly continuing development of this free community game.
  • A Game By The Community For The Community. Not only after release but also during development we invite the community to participate.

All about the project you can read here!

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